Ghouse Azam Welfare Foundation

Alhamdulillah our Foundation is doing a project which is for the purpose of helping the needy community so far, we started to distribute BLANKET during the winter season.

Overall, we distributed five hundred and three (503) blankets to different people and areas.

Details are below

13-June-2020 distribute Blankets to 94 People in Feitas

14-June-2020 distribute Blankets to 151 People in the given below various locations

  • 14 Blankets distribute to Al Karim Islamic Center
  • 07 Blankets distribute to Nizamiye Islamic Center<
  • 37 Blankets distribute to Jamiatul Madina Lenasia
  • 59 Blankets to Clement old age home
  • 18 Blankets to Cradle Krugersdrop
  • 16 Blankets to Grace Shelter

16-June-2020 distribute to 72 People

17-June-2020 distribute 176 Blankets to following locations

  • 10 Blankets to Krugersdrop
  • 30 Blankets to Fietas old age home
  • 54 Blankets to Newclare, Westbury and surroundings
  • 60 Blankets to Darul Uloom Pretoria
  • 25 Blankets to Masjid-e-Husnain Erasmus
  • 07 Blankets to Madarsa tul Owaisia

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