GAWF Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Africa

The GAWF is at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in South Africa. Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to support various individuals and communities needing our assistance. The GAWF is committed to doing as much as we can to combat Covid-19.

Our organization is responding to the pandemic in the following ways:

GAWF is raising awareness for the precautions that should be taken through Social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as our Website, radio and print media. We strictly follow government procedures and take action on emergency health needs.

GAWF provides Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen cylinders to patients who are Covid-19 positive and are self-Isolating at homes and who are suffering with breathing problems due to the Coronavirus. This service is aimed for the poor and needy who are covid-19 positive and are not able to afford such devices.

The volunteers of GAWF also provides training required to operate the highly sophisticated medical equipment to family members of those afflicted with Coid-19. All oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators are provided free of cost. To date we have delivered more than 150 oxygen cylinders to patients in Fordsburg and surrounding areas. With your support and assistance, we intend to continue providing this service Insha’Allah.

Alhamdulillah GAWF has provided various types of Medical assistance to 105 Patients during the 2nd wave of Corona Virus pandemic.

We have supplied more than 4500 families with food hampers which have been delivered across the country.

Alhamdulillah, our foundation is leading a project in the COVID-19 pandemic, the purpose of which is to help the communities who are in need of assistance. So far, food has been distributed to a total of 165,000 people, who have been affected by the lockdown.

Former Mayor Geoff Makhubo makes a surprise visit in Zone 6 for the food intervention.


We appreciate his visiting and motivating this cause.

I’d like to thank the Ghaz Azam Welfare Foundation & the various stakeholders in Zone 6 for the food security intervention. It’s important that we continue building these relations to ensure that we feed our communities and beat this #Covid19 virus. #Covid19SA #lockdownextension

— Geoff Makhubo (@GeoffMakhubo) May 7, 2020

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