Relief During Covid 19 Pandemic

GAWFSA has started providing Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen cylinders to the patients who are Covid-19 positive and are self-Isolating at homes and who are suffering with breathing problems due to Coronavirus. This service is aimed for the poor and needy that are covid-19 positive and are not able to afford such devices. The volunteers of GWFSA also provide required training to the family members of the patients to use this highly sophisticated medical equipment at homes

All oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators are provided free of cost. To date we have delivered more than 150 oxygen cylinders to patients in Fordsburg and surrounding areas. With your support and assistance intend to continue to providing this service InshaAllah.

Alhamdulillah GAWF Provided various types of Medical assistance to 105 Patients during 2nd wave of Corona Virus pandemic.

Such assistance included provision of oxygen cylinders,concentrators medical assistance etc.

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